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Senior Services Consortium

The Senior Services Consortium of Ramsey County celebrated its 30th Anniversary at the new Paul and Sheila Wellstone Community Center in February.

Barb Arrell was recognized for 22 years of leadership and service. Among the many Consortium innovations and accomplishments noted was the initiation of "a user friendly Meals on Wheels and Congregate Dining program, Seniors Express, that increased our efficiency significantly."

Stillwater Express Solutions was honored with a "You Made It Happen" award.

Lifetrack Resources Wins Prestigious Award

Congratulations to Lifetrack Resources for winning the Minnesota 2004 Nonprofit Excellence Award.

This award recognizes overall excellence measured against nine principles and 87 practices. One key area of accomplishment for the award is Lifetrack's innovative and effective use of information and technology.
Stillwater Express Solutions is proud to have been part of the Lifetrack teams that planned, designed, and developed service management and database systems for their employment services, Packaging First facility, early childhood and family services, and rehabilitation therapy services.

"Stillwater Express has played an important role in our receiving the 2004 Nonprofit Excellence Award. Our ability to measure outcomes and use this information in management of our programs so that we continuously improve the cost-effectiveness of our service is one of the key criteria that led to our being named the award winner. Stillwater express has expertly helped us build a data management system that is effective and user-friendly."

- John Mohr - President, Lifetrack Resources.  
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