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Keeping Your Senior Care Business on Track

PCA Express

Software for Home Care Agencies

PCA Express is software that helps Minnesota home care agencies manage Personal Care Assistant activity and service agreements.

The PCA management software was designed by PCPO professionals to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency in today’s challenging environment.

Below, you'll find more information on highlights of the software, advantages, features, hardware requirements, and of course - pricing.


Instant Access to Service Agreements
Integrated Diagnostic Code Lookup
Powerful Unit Tracker
Secure User Access
Timesheet Import Module
Intuitive Data Query


Increased Profitability
Fewer Billing Errors
Focus on Service to Clients
Tools for Loss Prevention 
Improved Staff Communications
Predictable, Reasonable Cost

Data Management

PCA Express stores all key demographic and service agreement data at your fingertips.

Time Utilization

PCA Express increases staff productivity by eliminating trips to the filing cabinet and reducing the number of staff needed to complete tasks.

Modifier Tracking

Never miss another payment for a special modifier, thanks to “Modifier Tracker”.

Loss Prevention

PCA Express will prevent revenue loss with useful features such as “Unit Tracker” and “Usage Report”. Monitor and track units with a simple click of a button.


PURCHASE PLAN – One time purchase price:
PCA Business Management: $3,995.00
X12 Express (for batch billing): $2,995.00*
PCA + X12 (if both licensed): $6,495.00 (save $500)*

Annual software support: $600
(up to 10 hours of phone support plus upgrades)

Installation and setup costs will vary depending on your network,
please call. Payment plans available. Price subject to change without notice.

MS 32-Bit Access Required

Recommended Hardware

Windows 7 or 10
2 GHz CPU / OS
4 GB Memory
2 GB Hard Drive Space
800px x 600px Resolution Monitor with 256 Colors
Windows Compatible Mouse & Printer
MS 32-Bit Access Required
Last Release: Version 1.4.3: dtd 11/7/2017
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