X12 Express by Stillwater Express

Expediting Claims Submission to DHS & Availity.

X12 Express

HIPAA Compliant Billing Software

Do you provide care services to special needs clients? Are billing processes using too much of your time? Need help switching from consolidated to daily billing for DHS? X12 Express can help!

We offer a simple spreadsheet-based process to format HIPAA compliant transactions for batch submission to DHS and major Clearing Houses (no more one-by-one entry of website transactions). If you bill 837P transactions, we can save you time and reduce costs.

We currently process the following HCBS codes and we can add others. Click on the PDF icon...
X12 Express


Focus on high volume transactions for maximum impact.

Faster, simpler claims submission and reconciliation.

No more slow web-site data entry.

Reduces duplicate claim rejections.

Expedites reconciling of Remittance Advices.

Low cost.

Simple Design

X12 Express - Simple Design
All fields are checked for accuracy, messages inform you of errors in your imported file, comprehensive help menu provided, and more...

Additional Support Available

Easy to Submit Claims

X12 Express - Submit Claims
Update a spreadsheet template or export data from your current billing system. Import your file, print a billing report, and create the X12 claims file.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Easy to Read Reports

X12 Express - Reports
We have simplified the claims adjudication. Billing Summary displays claims date, claims period, office location, clients info, contact date, pertinent codes, staff info, units charged and more.

All Info at Your Fingertips

Recommended Hardware

Windows 7 or 10

2 GHz CPU / OS

4 GB Memory

2 GB Hard Drive Space

800px x 600px Resolution Monitor with 256 Colors

Windows Compatible Mouse & Printer

MS 32-Bit Access Required


Create Batch Billing Files to Submit via MN-ITS & Availity

$2995 Purchase Price. Affordable Lease Plans Available

Providers Include: DHS, Blue Cross, HealthPartners, UCare, Medica, MHP, IMCARE, PrimeWest, Axis, PreferredOne, SCHA, UHC, and Bridgeview

Other payers may be added. Contact us.

Support = $600/year; Call for Installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is X12 Express designed for small or large service providers?

X12 Express is designed for small to mid-sized health care delivery organizations.

We have a small practice management system and our employees are not experienced computer users. Will X12 Express work for us?

X12 Express can successfully interface with most proprietary office management systems. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific challenges and practice requirements.

We do not have a computerized billing system. Can we still use X12 Express?

Yes. If you do not have a computerized billing system, you can still use X12 Express effectively by using the helpful X12 templates we provide to create spreadsheets.

How do we know if our current system can export text files or spreadsheets?

We would be happy to help you review your current system for its ability to export files to X12 Express.

We are currently using MN ITS software to bill for client services. What is the benefit of using your system?

With MN ITS, client services are manually entered one at a time. With X12 Express, all claims can be transmitted to DHS in a batch. X12 Express greatly simplifies the billing process, and saves valuable staff and management time.

How long does it take to learn X12 Express?

Users typically master the system within 1-2 billing cycles.

Does X12 Express provide training?

Help desk support is provided at a cost of $600/year. Additional training is available for a reasonable rate.

We have different provider ID's for the various services we provide. Can X12 Express send claims from different providers?

Yes. You simply call us at Stillwater Express to set up a new provider in X12 Express. With a support contract, there is no additional fee required.
Last Release: Version 6.3.0: dtd 3/08/2019
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